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Bahamas Hurricane IRMA Advisory

The Consulate of The Bahamas to Switzerland wishes to advise the public that following Hurricane Irma, travel to and from the Bahamas remains disrupted.

Travellers are encouraged to contact their travel agents, airlines and cruise operators for information and updates on service.

The National Emergency Management Agency NEMA has announced the "All Clear" for The Bahamas and has asked residents to closely monitor Hurricane Jose which lingers at a distance in the Southeast of The Bahamas

The Islands of Bimini and Grand-Bahama were hit by several Tornados on Sunday.

NEMA is conducting an assessment of damage throughout the Bahamas and will advise on further opening of travel and public facilities in The Bahamas in due course.

  • The International Airport in Nassau  (LPIA) is open, as of Sunday, Sep. 10th
  • all Cruise ship ports in The Bahamas remain close.
  • Government offices in the Capital opened on Monday, September 11th.
  • Schools to open as early as Tuesday, with the exception of islands that have not received the "all clear", and islands which were evacuated.

  • Officials report that all residents and visitors are safe, there was no lost of life due to Hurricane Irma. There was mayor damage to homes, schools, administration offices and infrastructure throughout The Bahamas.

    Electricity and telephone/internet lines are impacted at this time. Service crews are removing debris in order to restore service.

    Update from our neighbour the Turks & Caicos Islands
    Premier Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson has declared a State of Emergency for the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), following a direct hit from Hurricane Irma.
    Although there as been massive flooding and much structural damage, all residents and visitors are safe.

    The Consulate

    The Consulate of the Bahamas in Zürich opened in 1997 with consular
    jurisdiction for the entire territory of the Swiss Confederation. The Honorary Consul represents the interests of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and of it's citizens in Switzerland. Please contact the consular division of the High Commission in London for issue/renewal of Passports or Travel documents.

    Seit 1997 besteht in Zürich ein Konsulat, welches in der Schweiz die Interessen des Commonwealth der Bahamas und seiner Staatsbürger vertritt. Für das Austellen von Reisedokumente und biometrische Pässe ist der High Commission in London zuständig.

    Beglaubigungen von Dokumente von den Bahamas werden ausschliesslich von der Ministry of Foreign Affairs auf den Bahamas mit einem Apostille erteilt.

    Beglaubigungen und Legalisationen von Dokumente die für die Bahamas bestimmt sind, können in der Schweiz bei der jeweiligen kantonalen Staatskanzlei beantragt werden. Im Antrag sollten Sie dem Staatskanzlei mitteilen dass Ihr Dokument für die Bahamas bestimmt ist, um die entsprechende Beglaubigung mit Apostille zu erhalten.

    Link zur Schweizerische Bundeskanzlei/Legalisation --> Addressliste Staatskanzlei

    The Honorary Consul


    Honorary Consul

    Ms. Michelle Jacqueline Degoumois was appointed as Honorary Consul of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas to Switzerland in 2010. Educated in the Bahamas as well as in Switzerland, Ms. Degoumois is a banking professional having held positions with major international Banks in both countries.

    In 2010 wurde Frau Michelle Jacqueline Degoumois zur Honorarkonsulin des Commonwealth der Bahamas in der Schweiz ernannt. Ihre Ausbildung sowie berufliche Laufbahn im Bankwesen erflogte auf den Bahamas und in der Schweiz.

    Honorary Consul 1997 - 2009

    Mrs. Katherine Helena Klainguti-Kemp opened the Consulate in 1997 taking office as the first appointed Honorary Consul of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas to Switzerland.

    Ab Mitte 1997 wirkte Frau Katherine Helena Klainguti-Kemp als erste Honorarkonsulin des Commonwealth der Bahamas in der Schweiz. Nach 12 Jahren gab Frau Klainguti Ende 2009 das Amt auf.

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